上海で孔子にお参りShanghai Confucian Temple 上海文廟

I have wanted to visit here. I respect 孔子(Confucius.). He tells us a lot even in modern world. English explanation is difficult for us.



Entering here you need 10 chinese yen, cash only. They didn’t accept wechat. We didn’t have it. We had some cash, but we paid all the last shop. At that time, we hadn’t get wi-fi so we couldn’t pay by wechat. She said 117 yen, but we had only 100 yen in cash. We tried wi-fi several times but it didn’t work, then she said 100 is OK. This is what I bought.

We had do go back to hotel to exchange, and came here again. Inside we made a wish for our family. You can pay for it by wechat!

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