上海のスーパーはカルフールCarrefour 家乐福 in Shanghai ②

安いし珍しいモノいっぱい広い!テンション上がるけどまずはカートが要る。We wanted a big cart for shopping.



Then, one lady was going to return one. I asked her in English ‘Can I have that?’ She hesitated once and said ‘ My coin is in it.’ We didn’t know that we need a coin to use it. And I said ‘ Oh, sorry, I didn’t know that. We are tourists.’ She said, ‘Well, OK, You can use it. No problem.’

I said no, she didn’t need to do that, but she smiled and give it to me and leave us. I said thank you.

For her kindness, we could a big shopping. If she read this, I want to thank her again, she made us happy. On traveling, you feel as an alien. But once you touch somebody’s kindness, you relieve so much.

But one thing I realized,

We could pay her by wechat pay!


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