Skin fasting by Dr. Utsugi 宇津木先生の肌断食に50代が取り組んだ、その経過とやり方

One week later after starting shampoo with no detergent, I stopped all detergent on my face and body also. シャンプーをやめてから一週間後、いっそのこと顔も身体も洗剤やめてみよう、と思い立ちました。


I washed my hair with salt and washed my body and face with salt water. Then what happened? 食塩水でシャンプーして、食塩水で顔と身体も洗ってみました。


First of all, my heal became smooth. I didn’t expect it. And my mouth or should I say my teeth became clean. I don’t know why. Salt water doesn’t touch in my mouth. 最初の変化はかかと。



I have started make up since graduating high school. I thought make up protects my skin and washing with soap or cleansing jell keeps my face smooth. But it doesn’t. Dr. Utsugi says our skin has great power, and detergent breaks the great system on our skin. Using soap dry your skin, then you have to put some cream or oil. It’s ridiculous. スキンケアは肌のために必要、とうえこまれてきたけど、宇津木先生の考えは、真逆の発想。肌には本来大切なものが備わっている。それを化学物質が破壊して、破壊された肌を、これまた化学物質で補修しようとしている。

スキンケアをするほど肌は汚くなる。More skincare more damage your skin.

If you want your skin no trouble, Just do NOT anything. All skin care goods are not good for your skin, even organic or natural oils. Just wash your face with water and nothing put on your face. Dr. Utsugi is a doctor who heals burned skin. He says only thing you can wear on your skin is vaseline and salt water. オーガニックであろうとベビー用であろうと洗剤であるには違いない。つけて害が無いのはワセリンと塩水だけ。

美肌の為には何もしないが一番。No care is the best care for your skin.






Skin fasting by Dr. Utsugi 宇津木先生の肌断食に50代が取り組んだ、その経過とやり方 はコメントを受け付けていません