おすすめの上海グルメで一番人気は小籠包Yang’s dumpling

上海に行ったらショーロンポー、って聞いてたから、まずは行きたいね、と探しあてたのがこちら。It took a little time to find it. We asked several people to show the way. Most of them don’t speak Chinese, so we showed them the following picture.





There’s a big MUJI on the basement, and Yang’s dumpling is over there. The girl on front looked she got angry, but not. The boys in this shop looked they had a quarrel, but not. During staying in Shanghai, we felt many times ‘Is he angry?’ ‘Do they have a quarrel?’ But that was not true. Because they smiled.


In Japan, the shoppers always smile, they treat customers as a king or queen. In abroad, we were surprised each time.



Anyway, they were delicious and cheap. But one thing you have to be aware, very hot soup is fulled inside. If you bite it, great soup will be splashed all over your table. Take care.(∩❛ڡ❛∩)

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