Skin fasting in 50’s. 50代でシャンプーを絶ったら次は肌断食に進む



When I was 24,5 years old, my face has lots of spot, pimples. I believed washing face and putting face lotion to avoid acne. Since then I have been afraid no make-up. Make-up protects from any other circumstance like a sun, heat, dry. I have believed so for more than 30 years. Now,

I quitted everything. 一気にやめました。


なぜ?湯シャン(塩シャンプー)が思った以上に良かったから。I have continued No poo ( salt shampoo) for 5 days. I like it very much.

In the morning : wash water( not so cold not so hot ), then dry with towel. Nothing is put on my skin. Make-up on my lips and around my eyes, after spreading vaseline. In the night : put salt water, then wash with shower, and dry with towel. Nothing is put on my skin.朝は水でバシャバシャ。夜は食塩水でバシャバシャ。お化粧は口紅とアイメイクだけ。下地はワセリン。

No lotion, no cream and gel, no cleansing detergent, no oils. I mean nothing is put on my face. You may say make-up does not completely come off. Don’t worry, it will come off in few days. Rubbing your face to come off your make-up is worse than it remains. Then, what happened? 50代でスキンケアやめる、って老化を加速させるぅ?!

Nothing happened! 良くも悪くも変化なし!

I have been afraid my skin must have been terribly bad. But Nothing happened. むしろ時間が浮いてお金が浮いて。

肌の状態が前よりいいの。Or should I say, my skin is much better.

何だったのだ、今までのお手入れは。I spent too much money and waste my time.

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