Culture shock


A Student from England

He came to my son’s high school and stayed our house 10 days. This is a present from him. 息子の高校にやってきたオックスフォード大学の男の子を10日間ホームステイで預かりました。


プレゼントに花を選んでくれるところがジェントルマン。I think he is a gentleman. He is almost same age to my sons. Perhaps my sons don’t choose flowers as a present. He was polite and taught us a lot. I was lucky he was not vegetarian so that I didn’t have trouble everyday menu. He enjoyed my cooking. ベジタリアンじゃなくて良かった。何でも美味しく食べてくれた。

We had BBQ shops (we call it YAKINIKU). He tried Japanese style and enjoyed a lot. He loved sweets also. He sang, laughed, and understand us, even when we were talking Japanese. I was going to suggest him to put his university’s name on his T shirt. He was nice. 初めての焼き肉。歌って笑って陽気な子。エリートだよね?

As other travelers do, he loves to visit temples, shrines. But the best spot he loved is 100 yen shop. He said ‘It is heaven!’. 神社仏閣に興味津々だったけど、一番の感動は100円ショップ。


Actually I think 100 yen shop is very nice. We love it, too. 100均、すごいよね。

ホームステイ受け入れ体験、イギリスからの留学生が英語の出来ない我が家にやってきた はコメントを受け付けていません