Washing hair & body with salt is based on thalassotherapy, I think. タラソテラピーですね。全身、塩で洗うってのは。


Mr. Watanabe has just happened to wash his hair with salt, because he had got well after washing his body with salt. One day he noticed his arms was covered with hair. Is it because of no detergent? or because of salt? Anyway, salt may help my worries “I don’t want to be bald”. 美容師の渡辺さんの実体験に基づいている。体調不良から始めた塩浴。身体にうぶ毛が生えてきたから、もしかハゲにも効果あるかも、というにが始めたきっかけ。


Dr. Utsugi says brushing before washing is important too. He recommends the brush with boar bristle. Especially English made. But it is very expensive. So I bought the similar one at the supermarket. 宇津木先生は猪毛のブラッシングを推奨。

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