Culture shock

Lovely scent from England イギリスのいい匂い

Every time I visit England, I notice there is nice smell. It comes from cloth, bed sheets. I think something from laundry. Even corridor of the hotel, the same smell comes. After leaving England, my luggage is fulled with my favorite smell. What is that? イギリスに行くたびに思う、あのいい匂いは洗濯洗剤?


I tried Fairly, Comfort. But it is not. 定番と言われる洗剤や柔軟剤を試してみる。

In France, also nice smell comes from linen. I searched and Soupline must be. The smell is also nice, but it is not what I am looking for. 違うなぁ。


I miss the smell. 探し当てたい。

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