Culture shock


Electric toilet seat I missed the most in abroad

Washlet is Japanese, It is said electric toilet seat.


海外旅行で何が恋しい、ってウォシュレットが恋しい。In abroad we miss the most is that. In Europe, in China, in the united states, there is no toilet like ours. トイレに気を使う姿勢は日本が優れている。

Torii gate the best souvenir from Japan?! 千本鳥居が人気だとは知ってたけどお土産にするとは


トイレという観念が変わったほど素晴らしい。This is my toilet. Open automatic, flush automatic and close automatic. The seat is kept warm. You see bubbles on the surface, makes no stains no smells. It is Panasonic, named Alauuno. I love this.


ロンドンもパリもそもそもトイレ自体が街にほとんど無い、という現状。In Japan, it is not difficult to find toilets anywhere. They are almost clean and tidy. Most of them are with electric seat. We think it is natural, so in abroad, we have to pay attention. After leaving hotel, we have to think about where we have to take a rest. Especially we have no idea we have to pay for it.

あっても当たり前のようにお金が要る。This is London. You see the word of free. I took a photo, and sent it to my sons and said be aware you have to prepare small coins to use toilet in abroad. They asked me ‘Is that very special toilet, like a music or some cosmetics, something like that?’

設備上、水質上、海外でウォシュレットの普及は難しいらしい。One day, my sons will go abroad and notice my word.





We, Japanese have taken a long time to keep public toilet clean and beauty. So, from now on, we have to spread the same mind to all over the world. Public toilet should be clean and beauty. It is not particular pro, it is you. You treat public toilet good, and clean, and think about other following people. After getting out it, the next person feel it is clean or not. This culture is very very important.

日本人が海外で恋しいのは和食でも畳でもなくウォシュレット はコメントを受け付けていません